Pete Davidson (29) avoids jokes about his ex-girlfriend! After Kim Kardashian’s (42) turbulent separation from Kanye West (45), TV fame found her new love in the comedian. The romance began when the mom of four hosted “Saturday Night Live.” In the US comedy show, they kissed during a sketch – the beginning of a nine-month love story. But the relationship could not withstand the stressful everyday life of the entrepreneur. Now, as the actor prepares to return to the show, an insider reveals: pete don’t want jokes about Kim make!

A source reports Page Sixthat the relationship “is not mentioned in his stand-up”. The reason for this is that the two ex-partners are said to have agreed to “leave everything behind” and “move on” when they separated in August 2022. Therefore plan pete in his first appearance on May 6, 2023 “to be a gentleman” and to taunts against Kim waive. It remains to be seen whether other exiles will be mentioned.

The comedian previously revealed last month that he couldn’t approve of the public interest in his love life. “In 12 years I’ve dated maybe 10 people, I don’t think it’s weird. But people see it that way, it’s very interesting for them.”he had said about his reputation as a womanizer.