What exactly happened between Peter Klein (55) and Yvonne Woelke (41)? The painter has been involved in a decent drama for months: In Australia, the reality TV star is said to be with his wife Iris Klein (55). Yvonne Wolke to have cheated. He then admitted to having fallen in love with the actress and separated from his wife. Since then delivers iris a heavy net beef with the blonde. But what was actually between Peter and Yvonne?

In the podcast “The 17th Federal State” spoke Peter Plain text and revealed what really happened between him and his crush. “I have for Yvonne developed feelings. But so far nothing has happened between us. There was no kiss in the elevator”, he said. Seems like he actually didn’t cheat on his ex.

Still want Peter iris no more back. But he has the feeling that she would give it another chance: “Actually, yes. But I’ve told her a hundred times, there’s no turning back.” Although he still has feelings for her, it is no longer enough for a relationship.

Source: celebtap.com