Phil Lester Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth, Family and Other Interesting Facts

Phil Lester Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth, Family and Other Interesting Facts

This English kid who became a YouTube veteran is definitely where he needs to be. Phil Lester has worked his way up from a few odd jobs to where he is today. He is an English YouTube veteran who started in 2006 – in Internet years that’s something like a grandfather. But apart from conquering the world of online video, Lester has also been a radio personality, working with people like BBC Radio 1 on their shows Dan and Phil and Internet Takeover.

Phil Lester Bio, Age

Lester was born on the penultimate day of January 1987 in Rawtenstall, a town in the Rossendale Valley in Lancashire, England. Information about his parents is unknown, but he has one brother, an older sibling called Martyn.

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Lester and his brother Martyn had their high school education at Bacup and Rawtenstall Grammar School. He then earned a Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Linguistics and a Master of Arts in Video Production with Visual Effects from the University of York in 2008 and 2009.

Phil Lester Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth, Family and Other Interesting Facts
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Before his time of vlogging and radio, Phil Lester wore many hats: car-washers, veterinary clinic staff, and dog walkers. He also worked at the British retailer WHSmith and was involved in the British comedy Faintheart as a guy named Tim.

When Phil was 19 years old, he launched his main YouTube channel AmazingPhil and published his first vlog, which he called “Phil’s Videoblog”. The channel reached a milestone of 1 million subscribers in July 2013 and by May 2018 had over 4.2 million subscribers and over 550 million views.

Phil Lester works a lot with Dan Howell, a fellow YouTuber, and longtime friend and self-confident. In 2010, Phil and Lester were involved in UNICEF’s annual “Stickaid” charity fundraising campaign, broadcast live on the Internet. The duo also appeared on the web series Becoming YouTube with Benjamin Cook.

In 2014, the two friends decided to diversify and launch a game channel. They launched DanAndPhilGAMES in September 2014 – it reached 1 million subscribers within half a year and is officially the fastest growing YouTube channel at that time. One month later they launched their April Fool’s based channel DanAndPhilCRAFTS. Since then, they have posted April Fool’s videos on the channel every year on April 1st, with the last upload on April 1st, 2017.

In 2011 Phil and Dan worked with My Damn Channel to create a YouTube channel dedicated to the discussion and investigation of paranormal events. The channel, which was given the name The Super Amazing Project, was eventually taken over by two new presenters so that Lester and Howell could concentrate on their radio responsibilities at BBC Radio 1. Phil Lester and his friend officially became the presenters for BBC Radio 1’s Sunday night request program in January 2013, an arrangement that ended on 24 August 2014, and the duo moved to Radio 1’s new Monday night program, The Internet Takeover. This also ended in April 2016.

Phil Lester and Dan Howell also wrote a book called The Amazing Book Is Not On Fire, which became a New York Times bestseller in 2015. In the same year, they announced their Broadway-like show The Amazing Tour Is Not on Fire. The production, which began in October 2015 and ended in late 2016, toured the UK, the United States, Canada, Australia, and Europe.

They also recorded an original song that they performed during the tour. The song “The Internet is Here”, which was released as a charity single for “Stand Up to Cancer”, went gold because of its sales figures.

To further increase the success of the tour, they released the song as Youtube Red Original Film, making them the first British Youtube creators to offer content on the Red platform.

Phil Lester and his friend announced their second world tour in November 2017 for some time in 2018. It bore the title Interactive Introverts.

Phil Lester Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth, Family and Other Interesting Facts
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Phil Lester Family

As mentioned above, there is no information that reveals the identity of Phil Lester’s parents, or what they do, other than the fact that his mother’s name is Kathryn. However, his brother Martyn is co-owner of his own company, a company called IRL Digital, which is responsible for designing and selling goods for various YouTubers. Among the Youtubers on Martyn’s client list are Phil Lester and Dan Howell.

Other Interesting Facts about the YouTuber

1. Phil Lester has performed at iconic venues

On their 2015/2016 tour, Phil and Howell performed on some of the most iconic platforms in the world. These included venues such as London’s Palladium and the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, California.

2. Phil Lester and Daniel Howell live together

The relationship between these two goes beyond work. They have been inseparable since August 2011, when they started living together. They have lived together in three houses located in places like Manchester and London.

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3. Lester is a Guinness Book of World Record holder

Yeah, Phil holds the world record for the fastest pile of coins. He stacked 25 coins in 31,617 videos. He has also won a Sony Award in 2013 and three British Online Creator Awards in 2016.

Phil Lester’s Net Worth

Lester can include authors, radio presenters, musicians, YouTubers, and owners of series and awards in his portfolio. He should have an annual salary of $300,000 and a net worth of $1.9 million.

His Height and Body Measurements

The brown hair, blue-eyed English man stands at a height of a little over 6 feet 2 and-a-half inches (1.87 m). He maintains a healthy weight of 77 kg (170 lbs). Lester’s chest size is 40 inches; biceps is 14 inches, and waist size is 34 inches.

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