The most emotional Let’s Dance episode of the season so far ran yesterday: the candidates showed the viewers their Magic Moments! For example, ex-Bachelorette Sharon Battiste (31) processed the loss of her hair due to her alopecia – and expressed her feelings on the dance floor. Philipp Boy (35) also has his package to carry: In his Magic Moment, the gymnast danced the end of his career…

“In the course of preparing for the 2012 Olympics, where my big dream could have come true – the medal at the Olympic Games – there was a fall that changed me a lot, also personally,” the athlete describes in the clip. “When you see so clearly that you could have been paralyzed from the waist down…” After his accident, the then 25-year-old picked himself up again and took part in the Olympic Games – but he also injured himself here and eliminated: “After that I wasn’t willing to invest all that anymore. The fire was gone,” remembers Philip. “For me, I just closed that door there.”

But then the big turning point happened – Phillips Magic Moment: “But when one door closes, another door opens. And that was just my little family that I had then. Because in October 2012, before I announced my retirement, I was announced that I become a dad.” The 35-year-old continues to rave: “It does something in you. You suddenly see: ‘Hey, life isn’t just about sport.'” In the end, he also expressed all these emotions on the dance floor and earned a proud 28 points from the jury.