This separation is close to many! A few days ago, the news circulated that Taylor Swift (33) and Joe Alwyn (32) broke up after about six years of relationship. Many fans of the singer were totally surprised and can not believe it. Now they even go to the barricades: When a fellow actress posts a picture of Joe, Taylor’s fans go wild!

Joe is currently shooting the film “The Brutalist”, which also features Adrien Brody (50) and Guy Pearce (55). Also Emma Laird (24) is part of the cast and has now shared Instagram some photos from the last few weeks with her co-stars. Among them is a picture of Joe on a scooter. Many of Taylor’s fans then left nasty comments, accusing Emma of having posted the photo with malicious intent. Others even think there is something going on between her and Joe! “Lady I hope you’re not proud to be a boring poor man’s other wife,” one user commented. Shortly thereafter, Emma deactivated the comment column.

But why are the Swifties so upset? Among other things, they see it as a provocation. Because Taylor’s song “London Boy,” which is rumored to be about Joe, begins with a line about riding a scooter. In addition, Taylor was in a legal dispute with Scooter Braun (41) for years because of her song rights – so many see the photo with the scooter as a tease in relation to his name.