Pietro Lombardi (30) lets the proud dad hang out! Together with his ex-wife Sarah Engels (30), the 2011 DSDS winner had his son Alessio Lombardi (7). But the little man should not remain an only child: After his mother gave him his sister Solea (1) with husband Julian Engels (30), he also got a little brother Leano from his dad and his fiancé Laura Maria Rypa (27). Posted now Peter an enchanting photo: the first picture with his two sons!

With this snapshot, the singer now inspired his Instagram-Followers: Peter here holds his sons in one arm each and hugs them tightly – Alessio is of course significantly larger than baby Leano, but her dad manages to keep both of them up. Especially cute: Mini Leano seems to be clinging to his big brother’s sweater. The 30-year-old simply wrote about the recording: “My two boys. My life.”

Speaking of big Alessio: Is he big enough for fitness training? Apparently it does when you dad Peter asks! In his story you can see how the musician trains in the gym at home – in the background you can see his eldest, who apparently tries to do push-ups.

Source: celebtap.com