Pietro Lombardi (30) and his family have to take it easy at the moment. The singer’s health has been pretty bad for a few days: the DSDS juror got it – he lost almost ten kilos in less than a week. Because of the risk of infection, the musician even had to isolate himself from his relatives, which he found extremely difficult. But now also lies Pietros Son Alessio Lombardi (7) flat!

In its Instagram-Story shared Peter its community with that now too Alessio is sick. Although he no longer has a fever, he has an infection that is causing a few problems. “Now it’s time to inhale, that frees up the airways a bit and should be good. The last few weeks have been a real disaster, really, but let’s pack.”said the “Cinderella” interpreter.

Above all, his fiancee Laura Maria Rypa (27) is Peter support during this time. “Laura supports us where she can. When we’re upstairs, she cooks for us and gets things and as soon as she’s done, she goes back upstairs with Leano.”the 30-year-old blurted out.

Source: celebtap.com