In her most difficult time, Brittany Snow (37) received support from her friends. Last year she announced that she and her husband Tyler Stanaland are no longer a couple after two years of marriage. The actress and her ex broke up on good terms – nevertheless, she suffered enormously from the marriage with the real estate agent. After her divorce was brittany rebuilt by a Pitch Perfect colleague!

“I thank God for my friends. I don’t know if I could have made it without them. They have reminded me of who I am and what I stand for,” she gushed Bustle of the support she received during her most difficult time. Especially one of her co-stars from “Pitch Perfect”. brittany helped: “The last year has been really difficult for me and one of the girls just opened the door for me and I just fell on the floor and cried. And she nursed me back to health for four days.” The 37-year-old did not reveal exactly which actress it was – but it was a person from whom she did not expect it.

In the interview goes brittany also more precisely on their feelings after the love-off. “In the past year, I’ve probably gone through the most difficult psychological challenge I’ve ever experienced. In one day, within a few hours, my life was completely turned upside down”, she admits. She was “taken by surprise” and lost everything she trusted.