Renewed concern for Jasmin Tawil (40). The former GZSZ actress has given her fans and relatives a great fright in the past few weeks: she was arrested in her adopted home of Costa Rica and ended up in a psychiatric ward. Adel Tawil’s ex (44) is now back in Germany and wanted to look for help here. But now Jasmin is suddenly missing!

A concerned friend turned to the 40-year-old on the internet: “Jasmine, none of us know where you are right now. We’re all afraid for you”, stressed the woman. She is currently wandering through Berlin and no one knows where she is. Loud Picture even the police are supposed to be looking for jasmine. The mother of a son had previously stayed with friends for a few days, but had to leave the apartment last Sunday. Since then, Jasmin hasn’t contacted me again.

The musician spoke personally at the end of March RTL about their current situation. “I’m completely exhausted. But I’m also very relieved to have arrived safely in Germany.” She is currently here without her son Ocean – he is still in a home in Costa Rica. Jasmin wanted to take care of that a few weeks ago.