The pregnant Laura Müller (22) does not run out of ideas for OnlyFans. The payment platform, on which users provide their followers with hot photos, is now the favorite medium for Michael Wendler’s (50) wife. Every few days, the influencer uploads erotic pictures of herself with lurid captions. Fans can use codes like “Hot Thighs” or “Hard Surprise” in private chat to get more shots of the model. On her current post suggests laura totally out of control again!

Dressed only in red panties, the Playboy slug sits on a billiard table that is also red. She bends her naked upper body slightly forward so that her buttocks are shown to their best advantage. On the table are some billiard balls, one of which is under Laura’s butt lost. In the caption of hers OnlyFanspost, the expectant mother lets her fans know: “Write me ‘locked up’. See you soon!” The 22-year-old has her hair loosely pinned up so that you can see her entire back.

celebrity flash asked his readers if they think that laura quit OnlyFans after the baby was born. 96.2 percent, i.e. 4,642 people, believe that the beauty will then market her body on the Internet. That’s how she earns her money. Only 185 people think they will focus more on their child.