Fata Hasanović (28) can hardly believe her luck. The former Germany’s next top model candidate is currently enjoying her first pregnancy: together with her long-term partner Izet, the beautiful influencer is expecting a baby. A few weeks before the birth of their child, the lovebirds are currently only vacationing for two in Mauritius – and from there makes Fata her child’s father now a touching declaration of love.

“My Izzl, soon we will be parents – do you realize that?”, begins Fata her new post Instagram to some black and white pictures of the parents-to-be. The brunette goes on to explain how much her lover is always by her side: “You will also be our son’s back that we can always lean on and rely on. The one who listens to us and is always ready to fight, especially for us.”

In fact, the love story of the two Dubai emigrants is straight out of the movie: Fata and Izi had been a couple since they were teenagers, but had split up. Years later they met again – and came together again. “That you would become the father of my children… unimaginable for my then 17-year-old self”she now explains in her post.

Source: celebtap.com