Ryan Gosling (42) and Margot Robbie (32) adapt to the Barbie look! The two Hollywood stars slip into the leading roles in the first live-action film about the iconic doll. And the first trailers already reveal that the strip will be colorful and flashy. Arguably the most used color throughout the film seems to be pink. And stick to the color theme Ryan and Margot faithful to the premiere too!

At the film premiere of “Barbie” at the CinemaCon on Tuesday Ryan and Margot their roles as Barbie and to have properly internalized Ken. They both opted for a bright pink. While Margot combined a checked, short skirt with the matching bustier, decided Ryan opt for a more casual style. He wore dark pants with a pink bomber jacket and white t-shirt. With the shirt, he seemed to want to pay tribute to the director Greta Gerwig (39), because her name was in the typical one Barbie-writing on his chest.

The filming of Barbie will surely be eagerly awaited by the fans. But after the first big trailer, the audience was initially disappointed. The biggest criticism was Ryan’s Age. “He looks like a 40-year-old man having a mid-life crisis – too old to be Ken”had a user at Twitter annoyed. Margot on the other hand, seemed to be exactly the right cast in the eyes of the fans.

Source: celebtap.com