How many hearts will be broken in the new season of Temptation Island? It was announced last week that the reality TV show’s fifth season will start even later this month – on Wednesday all participants including the seducer were announced. The first preview has also been available since Thursday. And here it goes – the couples on Seducer Island have to brace themselves for a lot of heartbreak again.

In the compilation of this year’s season, which starts on Thursday RTL+ was published, many tears can already be seen. Similar to last season’s Temptation Island VIP, a seducer seems to fall in love with a contestant. In addition, it will obviously be hot – there will be celebrations, there will be close dancing and it also looks as if a kiss or two will fall. “I have the feeling that someone will fuck there this year,” throws candidate Charline into the round.

While the couples’ common goal is to prove they’re faithful, that doesn’t seem to be the case in every relationship. Because the well-known sentence from the moderator Lola Weippert (26) “Do you have ‘Temptation Island’ unfortunately not passed” falls already in the preview.