A family of sports fans! The royal family around Prince William (40) and his wife Princess Kate (41) are known to be enthusiastic about sports. Last summer, the parents of three children attended the tennis tournament in Wimbledon with their eldest Prince George (9), in July the trio went to a European Championship game. Now William and George were enjoying a father-son outing to football!

The father-son duo was spotted at a football match between British clubs Aston Villa and Nottingham Forest on Saturday afternoon. Prince George and Papa William can be seen in various snapshots as they intensely cheer on the game. Some of the pictures show the two with the same facial expressions and gestures or with one another debate around the game. The self-confessed Aston Villa fans also had reason to celebrate: their favorite club won 2-0.

Prince William has been President of the English Football Association since 2006. He has been a fan of Aston Villa since he was 11 and was the club’s guest of honor to open their new facility in 2021. How he became a fan of the club, he explained in one BBC-Interview: “My interest in football started at school. […] The atmosphere and camaraderie was something I could relate to.”

Source: celebtap.com