Children open the heart! Prince George (9), the first son of Prince William (40) and Princess Kate (41), has already made a difference in the royal family. With the help of his siblings Princess Charlotte (7) and Prince Louis (4), George not only makes the royals appear as an approachable and normal family, but behind the castle gates he is said to have brought about some positive changes since his birth. But how has George affected the royals’ relationship with each other?

In her book “Charles III – With the Heart of a King” Catherine Mayer describes the relationship between the royals. King Charles (74) and William are said to have practiced being knighted in the fall of 2013 so that William could do this without any problems. Camilla, 75, and Kate, on the other hand, enjoyed quiet time in Balmoral with little George. The king then noticed something in connection with George: “The most important thing is to have an open heart.” The birth of William and Kate’s first son brought the family closer together and also improved William and Harry’s (38) relationship with Camilla. The brothers recognized the positive influence she had on their father.

Preparing his sons for their royal role is said to have been particularly important to Charles. Emma Thompson (63) explained in an interview with the author: “The role is a role and it’s something you have to play all the time and with full commitment.” The rehearsals for the knighthood were no coincidence, but should also ensure that William learns how to use the sword and thus avoid injuries.