They are simply hidden! Until the coronation of King Charles III. (74) there are only a few weeks left. However, it is still not known whether his son Prince Harry (38) and his wife Duchess Meghan (41) will also attend the ceremony. The couple are said to have made demands on the palace. A royal expert now gives insights into the regulations that the palace is said to have made.

A Royal expert now claims opposite Mirrorthat Harry and Meghan, should they appear at the coronation, will not be given any special clothes. They are probably not supposed to stand out from the crowd like part of the royals. According to Tessa Dunlop, there will be no crowns for either: “Historically, abdicated persons have never attended the coronation of the new king or queen. However, this is about a father who wants to have his two sons with him. So we expect to see Harry there, just without the robe and crown.”

The expert further explains: “It will be similar with Meghan, everything she wears to the coronation will be hers.” She also assumes that Harry’s wife will hardly pay attention to royal formalities.