Prince Harry (38) apparently wanted everything to go his way! The redhead made numerous allegations against his royal family last year. That’s why there was a lot of speculation as to whether he would even appear at the coronation of his father King Charles (74). On Wednesday it was announced: Harry will attend the ceremony. But his long hesitation apparently had a special reason!

The 38-year-old has loud DailyMail-Insiders have always insisted on seating arrangements for the celebrations. “Harry’s side was very interested in finding out what the seating plan is like at the Abbey”, the informant claimed to know. Apparently, the Duke of Sussex wanted to know behind whom he and his wife should be placed. However, the mother of two does not travel with us at all. Does Meghan’s (41) cancellation have anything to do with the fact that the efforts were unsuccessful?

A family friend told the duchess about the absence TheMirror Anders explains: “They had to make a decision that feels real and authentic, especially after what’s happened lately. […] Their family is important to them so Meghan will stay in California and Harry will support his dad.”