Preparations are in full swing! On Saturday, King Charles III. (74) and his wife Queen Camilla (75) officially crowned in a traditional ceremony at Westminster Abbey. After the procedure, the celebrations go into the next round today – because in addition to Katy Perry (38) or Lionel Richie (73), Take That will also give a big concert in honor of the new royal couple. Just before it starts, Prince William (40) gives an insight into the preparations!

On the official Instagramaccount of William and his wife Princess Kate (41), Royal fans can take a look behind the scenes on Sunday. A video clip shows that the final preparations for the big coronation concert are in full swing. You can also see the heir to the throne stepping onto the stage and looking at the lawn, which will be filled with around 20,000 guests in just a few hours.

The newly crowned king and his wife will also be there. The clip even suggests that William himself will appear on the big stage and give a speech as part of the show. “Ok, Prince of Wales, it’s time for your rehearsal,” are the words of an employee in the background of the post. Will you be watching the coronation concert tonight? Vote!