You have to be able to laugh at yourself too! It has long been known that the members of the Royal Family give each other cute nicknames behind closed palace doors. Even the youngest royals seem to have discovered their love for giving such nicknames. Prince William got a particularly bizarre example from his children Prince George (9) and Princess Charlotte (8)!

It all started with the appearance of British TV chef Ainsley Harriott in the “radio 1″show that Prince George and Princess Charlotte overheard. In it, Ainsley joked about cooking fish in the bath, which the little royals were amused by. The expert used the term “poachy”, which translates as “poached”, “soaked” or “boggy”. A few weeks later, William was a guest on the same show and told how enthusiastic his children were about the interview about the bathtub fish.

In response to Prince William’s radio appearance, the TV chef made a public statement to the royal, which he ended with the words “Poachy, poachy, poachy.” George and Charlotte were delighted with the news and started calling their father “Poachy”. Even if Ainsley fears that Prince William might resent him, it can be assumed that the heir to the throne can actually laugh about it!