She is third in line to the British throne. Princess Charlotte (7) is the second child of Prince William (40) and Princess Kate (41). Her older brother George (9) will one day become the monarch of the United Kingdom. But even the princess should not go away empty-handed when special titles of nobility are awarded. A Royal Expert Now Claims Charlotte Could Get a Special Title!

The royal expert and author Robert Jobson goes in his new book “Our King Charles III: The Man and The Monarch” also hinted at the possible new title for Charlotte that she might later receive. “Prince George’s future has already been decided, so Charles has thoughtfully reserved a big title for Charlotte!” But he only holds the title until his death. After Edward’s death, Charles wants Charlotte to be the Duchess of Edinburgh.”

Previously, this title was inherited, but Charles changed that. Robert also describes the king’s decision in his book: “Charles wants to reduce the size of the royal family. Therefore, he wants to give the higher titles only to working family members and stop expanding.” This change is also happening as part of Charles’ plans to modernize the Krone and make it more efficient.