A new title brings new tasks! Since Queen Elizabeth II (✝96) died in September, Charles (74) has been king. As a result, Prince William (40) and Duchess Kate (41) became Prince and Princess of Wales and Cornwall. But that’s not the only novelty for Kate. She was also given the honorary title of Colonel of the Irish Guards. In Kate’s first appearance as a Colonel in the Irish Guards, she comes across as authoritarian and strong!

How Mirror Now reported, on Friday, March 17, Kate saluted her soldiers for the first time and handed out the traditional clover bundles. According to body language expert Darren Stanton, the princess didn’t just demonstrate her authority through her posture: “She looked very confident coming out of the car. She also wore her superhero color turquoise to set her apart even more from William and the other guests.”

This was Kate’s first appearance as Colonel of the Regiment. Stanton further explained: “Kate had a very confident posture. […] William seemed to be holding back, presumably so as not to put his wife in the shade.” But that didn’t detract from her down-to-earth nature, as was seen in conversations with guests.

Source: celebtap.com