Despite Hollywood glamor – Priyanka Chopra (40) really didn’t always have it easy! The actress has been with Jonas Brothers star Nick Jonas (30) for five years now. Their daughter Malti was born in May last year. However, the new parents had to fear for the life of the premature baby for almost a year. Now the “Love Again” actress confided another tragedy to her fans: Priyanka fell into a deep depression after her nose job was botched!

At Sirius XM the native Indian spoke openly about this dark time. At that time, a polyp in her nasal cavity had to be removed, but her face looked completely different after the operation. “I thought my career was over before it even got started,” admitted Priyanka. Finally, her father encouraged her to undergo corrective surgery. “I was terrified of it, but he said, ‘I’ll be in the room with you.'” With the help of her dad, the beauty managed to get out of the difficult phase and find her self-confidence again.

Now the “Citadel” actress also finds support in her husband. The two support each other wherever they can. “We both have careers that are important to us, so we divide our time so that one of us is able to do housework or be with the baby.”explained Priyanka in another interview.