Til Schweiger (59) is currently in the public eye – but not in a positive way. The actor and director is said to have been drunk and violent on the set of “Manta, Manta – Zwoter Teil”. Nora Tschirner (41), who had already been in front of the camera with the film hero, has already expressed what she thinks of the allegations. Another person gives their opinion: That’s what the film producer Nina Maag thinks about Tils alleged acts of violence!

Talking to the Süddeutsche Zeitung describes the 50-year-old: “Til is just the tip of the iceberg of a toxic system.” She had previously worked with the actor and described this as “problematic” perceived. He got caught in the “mills of the system” and the producer says: “This industry is about nepotism and abuse of power. And it can’t be that employees who want to point out the weak points of the system in terms of improvement are obviously silenced be made.”

While Nina can’t necessarily have good things to say about the director, it does Nora Tschirner probably quite different. The film actress meant via Instagram: “The sets of ‘no-eared rabbit’ and ‘two-eared chick’ […] I actually experienced it as extraordinarily constructive, collaborative and appreciative.” In both strips, the 41-year-old had at the side of till contributed.

Source: celebtap.com