The last decision night at Prominent Separate escalated more than expected. In the TV show, ex-couples compete to win a large sum of money. In episode eight, another couple was voted out. But in addition to the nomination, a violent argument between Jakub Merlan-Jareki (27) and Gloria and Nikola Glumac was in the foreground. The “Prominent Separated” candidates are now revealing that the argument was probably getting really violent.

At Instagram some of the “Prominent Separate” candidates are now commenting on the dispute. They suggest that it was probably worse than shown. “If decision night had been broadcast in full, some would no longer have Instagram”, says, among others, Sandra Janina van der Heide (23). But she was not allowed to say more about it. When asked whether the comrades-in-arms had said something directly about Jakub’s statements, she replies: “We have, but you will never see everything. I’m sorry, but just be happy about it.”

Apparently Fabio De Pasquale sees it similarly. Above all, he had a problem with Jakub’s statements about Niko’s Serbian origin: “After the situation, I took Jakub aside myself and explained to him that such statements unfortunately came across as racist. He said it wasn’t meant that way.” The native Italian also told him how bad Jakub’s behavior was. But that was not broadcast either.