Was it a provocation? The current season Prominent Separated has already caused some heated arguments. Mrs.Marlisa and Nikola Glumac are responsible for one of them. The blonde had asked the tattoo lover to remove her dishes – he asked for a kiss. His ex-girlfriend Gloria didn’t find it funny at all. She freaked out and railed against her estranged husband – she felt provoked by the kiss. But what was Niko’s intention behind the kiss?

In the celebrity flash-Interview he explains: “I didn’t think about it much. Marlisa and I always had a lot of fun together and it was just fun between us.” The two always got along well. “She was my reference person in the villa,” Niko makes clear.

Gloria, however, has a different opinion. “Niko either did it to provoke me or because he liked Marlisa… Although today I think it was just to annoy me”she suspects in the celebrity flash-Interview. “Looking back, he probably just used them as a tool to tease me into freaking out again.” He knows which buttons to press on her to make her explode, says Temptation Island fame.

Source: celebtap.com