Will she get involved with him again? Khloé Kardashian (38) and Tristan Thompson (32) have had a rocky on-off relationship in recent years and after several attempts, the couple finally separated because Tristan the entrepreneur had probably cheated several times. Lately, however, the two seem to be getting closer again – but they are advised against it. A psychologist warns: Khloé should never have a relationship with again Tristan enter!

The expert dr. Becky Spelman joins in the talk US Sun: “Any romance between Khloé and Tristan is by no means healthy for them and no matter what form a potential love affair takes, there is no positive change.” Kim Kardashian’s (42) sister has tolerated unacceptable behavior too many times, which only leads to her self-confidence developing in a negative direction. “This behavior of Khloé may have been learned and picked up in childhood. She has to break this cycle,” explains Dr. Spelman.

Apparently her fans think so too. But recently it was rumored that Khloé had long been intimate with her ex again – and was even expecting another child from him. One social media user commented, “A surrogate is probably pregnant right now,” and another wrote, “Tristan will cheat on her again anyway.”

Source: celebtap.com