Amanda Bynes (36)’ parents have made a decision. The actress had repeatedly made negative headlines in the past. Not only did she struggle with addiction, she also struggled with her mental health. In the past few weeks, the “She’s the Man” actress seemed to be getting worse again. Threatens amanda because of her psychotic episode, therefore, a guardianship again?

As opposed to an insider TMZ reveals the 36-year-old’s parents, Lynn and Rick Bynes, are very concerned for their daughter’s well-being and health. Again a guardianship for amanda to apply is not an option for the couple at the moment. Still, it doesn’t seem impossible if nothing changes in the movie star’s condition.

Just a few days ago you had amanda spotted naked on the street. As a result, the native Californian is said to have been admitted to a psychiatric ward. The actress spent a total of 72 hours in the institution before she was allowed to leave.