Charles Leclerc (25) would like some restraint. Thanks to his successful career in the racing team, the Formula 1 driver has Ferrari developed a loyal fan base. But these seem to be getting a little too close to him at the moment. His private address made it into the public eye and into the hands of his followers. Now he has a message for the fans: Charles asks his community for some distance.

“While I’m always here for you and really appreciate your support, please respect my privacy and refrain from coming to my house”writes Charles in its Instagram-Story. Ever since the home address of the native Monegasque became public, fans have been coming to his house for autographs and ringing the bell. Charles I’m always happy about it, but that crosses a line: “If you see me on the street or the racetrack, I’ll definitely stop for everyone, but I won’t come down if you visit me at home.”

Had his fans Charles only badly impressed in March. There he could be seen in the intro of Formula 1. And his followers were probably a little in love. “He looks so good, only watch Formula 1 because of him”had a user at tik tok raved. And another had joined: “He really is one of the most beautiful drivers that Formula 1 has ever had!”