Again negative headlines from Bam Margera (43). The Jackass star has long been discredited for his alcohol and drug problems. Most recently, there were disputes with his estranged wife Nicole Boyd added: He was initially arrested for domestic violence and is also accused by his ex of not paying for their son Phoenix. Well became bam arrested again!

Like insiders TMZ report, police were called to a Burbank restaurant last Wednesday afternoon. There should be bam found themselves in a loud argument with a woman. Because the stuntman was so drunk that his ability to drive was severely impaired, he was arrested. He was temporarily taken into custody for violating the Public Intoxication Act.

According to the source, the woman is said to be Bams Acted ex Nikki – five-year-old Phoenix is ​​also said to have been in the bar. However, the identity was not confirmed by the police. In order to be released from prison again, had to bam probably either pay 500 euros bail or sober up in the cell.