Heino (84) turns to Stefan Mross (47) with desperate words. Last November, the folk musician and Anna-Carina Woitschack (30) surprisingly announced their love. Recently it was claimed that the Bavarian should have a problem with alcohol. His wife also confirmed this and also named it as a reason for separation. Stefan however, denies these allegations vehemently. But also his longtime companion Heino is concerned.

The 84-year-old knows Stefan since he was 13 years old and feels a certain responsibility for him. At Stefan’s had a career start Heino promised his mother to take care of her son. Now the hit star made a letter public, which one Picture present. “Dear Stefan“I’ve been following the reports about you with great concern over the past few days,” he began. He also appealed Stefanthat he shouldn’t jeopardize his career and his new love. “There’s no shame in having problems, but you have to get out of them […]”added the Düsseldorfer.

“I don’t have a drinking problem”let Stefan recently clarified to the medium through his lawyer Patricia Cronemeyer. Although he admits that he has had a drink because of his free time and the difficult times he is going through, there is no addiction behind it. “But that’s over now because my work starts again,” he also announced.

Source: celebtap.com