He was temporarily replaced. Jamie Foxx (55) was hospitalized during filming due to a medical emergency. Before that, however, he probably had completely different problems, because: Supposedly there was a great mood of crisis between him and Cameron Diaz (50) on the set! It says she has jamies supposedly allowed to take the bait out of bad moods. Since the actor remains in the hospital for the time being, the blonde should have a temporary rest.

After a short break in filming, they were married on April 14th with a body double of jamie continued. Loud Page Six also returned Cameron returned to the “Back in Action” set on Monday to continue filming without her co-star. Supposedly there were still eight days of shooting jamie planned.

There was already a positive health update on Saturday. As an insider reports, the “Django Unchained” actor is already making very good progress: the 55-year-old is said to be “getting better and better”. As his daughter Corinne Foxx (29) reported shortly after the shock news, nothing serious happened to the film star because he was treated immediately by a doctor: “Fortunately, thanks to quick measures and good care, my father is already on the mend.”

Source: celebtap.com