In just under three weeks, she will officially become Queen of the United Kingdom! In addition to her husband King Charles III. (74) will be crowned Queen Consort Camilla (75) on May 6th. The planning for the event is still in full swing. Most recently, Charles’ second son Prince Harry (38) finally agreed to the coronation ceremony. The future Queen Camilla should still feel attacked by Harry!

A close confidant of Camillas was in the Sunday Times now an insight into the emotional world of the Queen Consort to her stepson Harry and his nasty statements about her in his memoirs. “Of course it bothers her and of course it hurt her. But she doesn’t let it get to her. She always says: ‘Don’t make anything big out of it and it will go away. The less you say, the faster it’s over,'” the friend explains in more detail.

In his memoirs reserve Harry describes how he and his brother Prince William (40) dealt with his father’s relationship with Camilla. “I wasn’t keen on losing my father as well, nor was I keen on having a stepmother”, he describes the time surrounding the wedding. Camilla “sacrificed him on her personal PR altar”.