Uta Kargel (41) floats in mom happiness. The German actress is best known for her roles in early evening series such as GZSZ and Sturm der Liebe. Especially with “Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten” she was a real authority until she gave up her role in 2006. A full 15 years later, she was able to celebrate a big comeback in 2021. But now she has something big to celebrate privately: Uta secretly became a mother.

On your Instagrampage posted Uta in early March photo of himself with a child on his shoulders. Talking to the website Golden Camera she now reveals that the dwarf with the orange balloon is probably her offspring. “Almost two weeks after the death of my father, our dream child was born. Life and death, joy and sorrow are often so close together,” the 41-year-old recalls. However, she does not give exact details about the birth.

Explained instead Utathat it was important to her not to make her happy baby public immediately. Due to the loss of her father at the same time, she felt the need to “scream out” all her feelings, but at the same time wanted to keep them to herself. “I wanted […] keep all the heart pounding to myself and only share it with people whose sympathy really means something to me”, she says. But her little family is growing together more and more.

Source: celebtap.com