Rachel Bush Biography, What Happened Between Her and Lebron James

Rachel Bush Biography, What Happened Between Her and Lebron James

Rachel Bush is one of those people you could call opportunists who would seize any opportunity to get the fame they have always wanted. It is quite possible that Lady Bush is not so notorious, but that is how she is regarded by many people today, and it all has to do with LeBron James. Yes, King James the L-Train Akron Hammer of the Cleveland Cavaliers of the National Basketball Association.

At some point, we’ll look at what actually happened between Rachel Bush and the NBA star, but beyond that, we’ll also find out who she really is and what there is to know about her.

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Rachel Bush Biography

Rachel Bush is best known as a celebrity in social media and is often described as an Instagram model. Although we cannot prove where she was born at the time of her birth, we can say that she currently resides in Miami Beach, Florida, and if we believe the basic information about her biography as found on her social media sites, the American was born on November 1, 1997.

At the time of writing this report, the lady has won over 44,200 followers on Twitter and nearly 610,000 on Instagram. While she collected most of these followers during the incident between her and the NBA superstar, she has been able to maintain that number through the hot and sexy images she often shares with others.

Although only a handful of things are known about Rachel Bush’s family background and the beginnings of her life, it is known that Bush has actively pursued a career as a model. As she grew up, several things sparked her interest; it is said that she loved outdoor activities and even played sports like basketball and soccer. Nevertheless, it is only her passion for modeling that has stood the test of time.

Rachel Bush has a sister named Jordan, they grew up together in New York. From what we have learned, education is very important to Racheal and was the reason why she moved to Florida. The plan was for her to attend the state’s Atlantic University. Ture, Bush was a 2014 Miss Teen New York Paegent 2014 finalist, and she once said that her triumph in the competition had encouraged her to intensify her modeling career.

But this in no way encouraged her to give up her education. As she was still in high school, participating in several programs at local colleges, she was able to earn an Associates’ degree at the age of 17, just as she was finishing high school. Apparently, Bush hopes that she will be able to make a marriage between a career as a model and working as an international sales agent.

It would not be out of place to claim that Racheal Bush is the kind of virgin that every man would like to have as a love partner. She is as beautiful as she is intelligent. Although we have not yet confirmed the exact details of her body measurements, the lady is fit and in good shape. She trains almost every day to stay in shape and maintain her magnificent body structure.

As far as we can tell, her love life revolves around Jordan Poyer, the strong and confident American football player who plays for the Buffalo Bills of the National Football League as he was at the time of this report. We can confirm that Rachel got engaged to Jordan sometime in December 2016, and it is generally believed that the two got married shortly thereafter. They welcomed their first child on December 30, 2016.

Rachel Bush Biography, What Happened Between Her and Lebron James

What Happened Between Her and Lebron James?

The drama between Rachel and King James began after the Instagram model posted a photo on Twitter titled “Haha Rage”. The picture was a screenshot of a direct Instagram message she received from Lebron saying “Hey what’s up!

Although she quickly deleted the tweet, it took long enough to get her ample attention as the screenshot spread quickly. The reason for this is not far-fetched, Lebron James is a married man with children; so there was speculation that the basketball star was trying to cheat on his wife, Savannah Brinson, with Lady Bush, the love partner of a sports colleague – it was big news.

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Anyway, when it was circulated in several circles that the Instagram account was a fake and not Lebron’s, Bush came out and stressed that it was indeed Mr. Akron Hammer’s account. Nonetheless, she suggested that it was possible that the man did not send the message.

Rachel Bush pointed out that James is happily married with children and explained that superstars like him often let other people manage their social media sites. In her opinion, it is possible that the message came from a manager or friend who tried to talk to her and pretended to be James.

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