Sophia Thiel’s (28) plan apparently backfired. The YouTuber had withdrawn from the public for a long time because, among other things, she suffers from an eating disorder. She still has occasional seizures to this day, during which she feels the need to eat a lot of food. This was also noticeable visually, which is why Sophia received a lot of criticism. With a new post, she wanted to fight back. But instead, this started a new wave of hate: Sophia crushed masses of rapeseed plants!

under her Instagram-Video in which the influencer jumps carefree through a rape field, comments from angry users cavort. After all, it is forbidden to enter an agricultural area during the period of use – unless you have the permission of the manager. “I hope the farmer was asked. This is his harvest, which involves a lot of money and work. The rapeseed is damaged as a result.”, complained one user. It is a cheek that there is no longer any respect for agriculture these days. “It’s called trespassing,” recognized another. “The yellow, dear people, is rape. It is harvested and is not used for photos. The farmer grew it,” emphasized another supporter again for the ignorant.

The ban is actually well known. Julia Beautx (24) made a similar mistake in August 2021 and trampled on wheat just before harvest. from one celebrity flashsurvey at the time showed that the majority was informed about the relevant legal situation. 88.6 percent stated: “That’s general education! I don’t go into someone else’s garden either.” Only 11.4 percent had no idea.