She gives a glimpse into her private life! Anke Engelke (57) has been making her fans laugh for more than 40 years. The “Lady Kracher” fame is one of Germany’s most successful comedians and has also starred in numerous films and series. However, she attaches great importance to her privacy and rarely reveals details about her family. Now chat Anke but candidly shared the worries she struggled with during her pregnancy!

In her podcast “quality time” the 57-year-old now reports her doubts. “I was very afraid of losing my job and that they wouldn’t want me back once I had a child.” Because she put so much pressure on herself, she went back to work ten days after the birth. Despite her stressful job, she valued her mother’s life very much: “I just like being a mother for my life. And that comes first. […] Being a mother is the most important thing for me.”

Since she is very focused on her family and her job, she also has difficulty making new friends. “If new people come along now, I won’t be able to give them my time, it’s not fair”, she admitted on the podcast a few weeks ago. She is generally cautious with new people in her life.