Robert Downey Junior (58) inspires his followers. The actor married his wife in 2005 Suzanne (49). On their 17th wedding anniversary, which the couple celebrated in August last year, the action star dedicated sweet words to the producer and made clear how important she is to him. On the occasion of his 58th birthday, the Hollywood actor delighted his fans again with another very private insight into his life.

The ‘Iron Man’ actor split Tuesday Instagram a nice montage in which he looks back on the last year of his life and his 58th birthday with his wife Susan Downey and his three children – daughter Avri and sons Exton and Indio. A particularly sweet shot shows: Indio carries out a cake with large candles while the family sings a birthday song to the action star, who does the robot as he approaches.

“57, you have been too kind. I will look back with deep gratitude”, he captioned the beginning. His favorite moments of the year include scenes from one of Exton’s baseball games, as well as letting Avri and Exton shave his head before filming a project.