Time flies like in flight! Supermodel Naomi Campbell (52) surprisingly announced in May 2021 that she had become a mom. As private as the child was born, the British woman has so far remained reticent with further information about her motherhood. There is still speculation as to whether the actress adopted her baby or had it carried by a surrogate mother. Now new snapshots reveal how big Naomi’s daughter is!

On the latest paparazzi shots, the celebrity flash are available, the new mom was spotted with her little daughter two days ago in Barcelona. In the meantime, the little one has grown quite a bit! With bows on both of her pigtails, a leopard jogging suit and sneakers in a giraffe print, the sweet mouse looks at least as stylish as her mum.

The 52-year-old is currently in Europe to film the next Victoria’s Secret ad campaign. This year the promotion will be shot in the Spanish capital – including in very special locations such as the old prison of Barcelona, ​​known as La Modelo (English: “The Model”).

Source: celebtap.com