Blake Lively (35) is actually a big fan of the Met Gala – but this year she’s avoiding the hustle and bustle! The American actress has already provided special moments on the red carpet of the mega event several times in the past: last year, for example, her dress changed color with just a few movements. But this time the fans have to do without such highlights from the Gossip Girl actress: Blake won’t be attending the 2023 Met Gala!

In an interview with People explained Blake now on the sidelines of an event in New York City that she will be absent from the brilliant gala night next Monday. “But I’ll take a look”, emphasizes the 35-year-old. However, she does not reveal exactly why she will not be part of the event this year.

Apparently will Blake watch the Met Gala from the comfort of your own home. After receiving a compliment for her elegant outfit during the interview, the actress jokes: “Thank you, that’s really nice. I’ll wear that too when I’m lying on the couch on Monday.”