Finch (32) completely blows his fans away! The rapper is currently touring across Germany with his new album “Dorfdisko zwei”. The concerts of the “Abfahrt” interpreter are notorious: the musician really gets his fans to escalate with his music. Little is known about the private life of the former “Rap on Wednesday” star. He only emphasized again and again that he was happy even as a single. But now Finch is shocking his fans with a message: He has a baby!

“Late last year I became a father to a beautiful girl”Finch shares with his followers Instagram with. He also posted a photo showing him with a small baby on his chest. The 32-year-old had long considered whether he should share this private message with the public. “I’ve made the decision to do it now,” he said.

Finch also made it clear to his fans that he doesn’t want to be asked for photos when he’s out with his daughter. Numerous users congratulated the successful rapper in the comment column. Others, however, were skeptical whether Finch, who was known to be party-loving and who was ensnared by numerous women, actually slipped into the role of father. “Torn between ‘Congratulations’ and ‘You’re kidding us'”a fan voiced his concerns.