Some big stars apparently didn’t feel like “Ocean’s Eleven“. In 2001, the crime comedy turned the main actors George Clooney (61), Matt Damon (52) and Brad Pitt (59) into real icons. The film is still cult today and several successors have already followed. But some Hollywood stars probably didn’t feel like it at first on the strip: George now reveals who turned down the “Ocean’s Eleven” roles.

“Some very famous people told us to fuck off. Mark Wahlberg (51), Johnny Depp (59) – there were others too.”chatted George loud Entertainment Tonight at the TCM Classic Film Festival. The Hollywood star also says he’s sure these performers now regret their rejection. A feeling that the heartthrob also seems to know, because he adds with a grin: “I regret that I played the damn Batman.” is evil George but probably not his colleagues.

Thanks to the “Ocean’s” range is George especially with his colleague brad close friends. The two have not been in front of the camera together for 11 years. Her last film was “8”. But in early 2023 it was announced that they would appear together again in front of the camera. Together they shoot the thriller “Wolves” this year.