Did Bill Kaulitz’ (33) worst fears actually come true? The dog of the musician and that of his twin brother Tom Kaulitz (33) and his wife Heidi Klum (49) suddenly died in quick succession. In their podcast, the two Tokio Hotel musicians then suspected that their beloved four-legged friends had been poisoned. Bill even had an autopsy performed on his deceased pet. The cause of death is now clear.

In the new episode of her podcast “Kaulitz Hills – mustard from Hollywood” the 33-year-old now clarified the circumstances of his dog’s death. “He was overweight”explained Bill. And that’s exactly why his dog died. “I read that they marked his body mass index as ‘overweight’,” the singer continued. While Bill that didn’t want to accept it, his brother admitted that Stitch’s pounds had already been seen: “Lately, I had the feeling he’s put on some more.”

Bill Stitch was given as a puppy by his brother in 2018. After his sudden death at just four years old, Bill loving words to him Instagram. “I love you so much and will always keep you in my heart”wrote the native of Leipzig.

Source: celebtap.com