Elena Miras (31) is in the hospital again! The reality star ended up in the hospital bed last month due to years of stomach problems. But a short time later, the brunette gave the all-clear and informed her fans that she was back home. The confusion is all the greater now, because the fight of the reality stars participant from the hospital showed up again: Now Elena reported with an update.

In your Instagram-Story told Elena that she felt good last night. After an event, she went to her hotel room and went to sleep when she suddenly woke up from severe pain. “I also had to throw up and then I knew something was wrong,” she blurted out. In the hospital, Elena found out that she had two large kidney stones. She will remain in the hospital for observation for the next few days.

Also in the past month Elena ended up in the hospital. The influencer explained online the reason for the hospital stay at the time: “I didn’t get in touch yesterday because I ended up in the hospital. I’ve had stomach problems for a couple of years now and it’s gotten a bit worse over the past two weeks.”

Source: celebtap.com