While the characters in the Last Of Us series are played by different actors than in the video game (with one exception), several of the original cast made it into the adaptation, including Jeffrey Pierce as Perry.


As early as the “The Last Of Us” games, the individual characters were embodied by real actors, whose performances were recorded on a sparse set, scanned and transferred to their digital roles (including their voices). However, the series adaptation of the PlayStation hit did not simply use the original cast, as the actors* differ in stature and/or age in the eyes of showrunners Craig Mazin (“Chernobyl”) and Neil Druckmann (author of the “Last Of Us” games) are not really suitable for playing the parts adequately in live-action form.

The only exception is Merle Dandridge, who has played Firefly leader Marlene in both the game and the series, as Mazin and Druckman see her as the ideal match for the role. Aside from that, though, they wanted to pay tribute to the video game’s main cast’s accomplishments in the series and hired some of them for new roles – and not just mini-cameos, but brief supporting roles in episodes as well.

While we can still look forward to the original Joel Troy Baker and the original Ellie Ashley Johnson later in the first season of “The Last Of Us” (we don’t want to prejudge which roles at this point), dives into episodes 4 and 5, appears an old acquaintance from the template, whom many fans who played the English original may have recognized from his distinctive voice: Jeffrey Piercewho brought Joel’s brother Tommy to life in the two Last Of Us games (while Tommy is played by Gabriel Luna played), can now be seen as Perry in the series adaptation.

HBO Jeffrey Pierce as Perry in the new character The Last Of Us All

Perry is Kathleen’s right-hand man (Melanie Lynskey), who leads the people of Kansas City’s quarantine zone with an iron fist after brutally ending FEDRA’s military dictatorship there. Perry continues to have a pang of conscience over Kathleen’s ruthless actions, but nevertheless faithfully follows her to the end. Both characters were reinvented for the series to give their group’s faceless in-game counterparts a more human touch.

Aside from his “The Last Of Us” appearances and several speaking roles in the “Call Of Duty” series, Jeffrey Pierce is actually more at home in series than video games. In addition to guest starring in numerous series hits such as “Navy CIS”, “CSI”, “Criminal Minds” and “Castle”, he has had recurring roles on “The Tomorrow People”, “Bosch” and “Castle Rock” in recent years. .

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In “The Last Of Us,” we won’t see Pierce after Episode 5, but his former video game character Tommy finally makes her long-awaited comeback in the sixth episode. After the fifth episode of “Last Of Us” was moved from Monday to Saturday due to the upcoming Super Bowl, the sixth episode will once again appear on a regular Monday, on February 20, 2023 on the Sky streaming service WOW.

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