Are you looking for a high-quality and visually attractive record player for beginners? Then Amazon now has the right offer for you with the Thorens TD 201 for a particularly low price.


The retro hype has not only hit the film and series industry. A high-quality record player improves your living room optically and acoustically. With the Thorens TD 201, Amazon now has an excellent model for ambitious beginners at a low price.

The record player costs 359.10 euros of the traditional company is currently with the shipping giant. That is a saving of 20 percent compared to the suggested retail price. According to price comparator Idealo, the entry-level model has never been so cheap.

Thorens TD 201 at Amazon*

Turntable Thorens TD 201: A lot of quality for relatively little money

The Thorens TD 201 scores with high quality and fast operational readiness. The phono preamplifier is already built in, so you don’t have to investigate whether your receiver or system has its own preamplifier. The motto “Plug and Play” applies here – just plug in and start listening. Optionally you can switch the preamplifier on and off.

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The Thorens TD 201 is an eye-catcher with its white surface in contrast to the black aluminum turntable and black tone arm. The latter is equipped with an Audio Technica element that you cannot ignore. The stylus gets a lot out of even slightly scratched records.

The result of the good workmanship and the belt drive is very quiet running, which stands out in the entry-level class. Also in terms of sound, the Thorens TD 201 belongs to the top shelf of this class. But if you listen to records very often and are used to demanding sound, you should look for a higher quality model.

It should be mentioned that the Thorens TD 201 as pure analog turntable is designed. You will not find a USB port or Bluetooth function. So if you want to digitize your record collection or listen to music from the turntable directly via Bluetooth speakers, the Thorens TD 201 is not the right model for you.

The turntable is more aimed at ambitious beginnerswho are looking for a lot of quality and an attractive appearance for a good price. The Thorens TD 201 occupies this niche and stands out from the hodgepodge of other entry-level models. The current deal on Amazon is definitely worth checking out.

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