Gedeon Burkhard (53) gives intimate insights. In May of last year, the actor revealed that he was happily forgiven long after his separation. A few days ago, the “Kommissar Rex” actor revealed that he was not only in a relationship with one, but with two women! now there gedeon even price how it goes in bed with his two ladies.

In an interview with Picture the 53-year-old tells how he decides which of his two partners he wants to be intimate with. “When the two lucky bags aren’t playing with each other, they do it as they please. But most of the time we have sex as a threesome.”, he blurted out completely bluntly. Also reveals gedeonthat they all sleep together in one bed, regardless of whether the three of them are having fun or not.

But not only he and his two wives live in the TV star’s apartment – his mother Elisabeth also has her own room with him. Yes it is gedeon not uncomfortable when his mom hears him having sex? “If we really want to party, my mother still has her own apartment, which she can retreat to at any time. She also sleeps with earplugs.”explains the actor.