Valentin Lusin (36) is like a different person! In this year’s Let’s Dance season, the professional dancer tears down the hut with his dance partner Anna Ermakova (23). It has been clear since last Friday: The two are in the grand finale of the popular dance show. valentines Ms. Renata Lusin (35) is watching the program this year as a viewer. She found that her husband had changed quite a bit.

“This year I hardly recognize my husband. Actually, I’m the ambitious one and the hard-working one. But it’s unbelievable what valentine this year makes”told Renata very enthusiastic in the interview with celebrity flash at the launch of the TKMaxx online shop. The 35-year-old gets that valentine and ann train tirelessly for their demanding choreographies. “I begrudge them both the victory so much”, wished himself Renata.

Although Renata If she doesn’t dance with “Let’s Dance” this year, her husband makes her feel like she’s there. She supported her husband valentine namely, wherever she can. Nevertheless, the professional dancer also enjoys the break a little. “I’m glad I don’t have to train eleven hours a day. Taking a year off is okay.”explained the native Russian.