Anna Ermakova (23) wasn’t just able to convince the jury! The model is currently inspiring weekly at Let’s Dance with her dancing talent. The jurors would have liked to give her and her dance professional Valentin Lusin (36) more than the 30 possible points more often. The winner of the past season, Rene Casselly (26), is more than enthusiastic about Boris Becker’s (55) daughter. had reindeer before a completely different picture of ann!

“Before I saw her on the dance floor or ever heard of her in any way, I had a wrong image of her”the acrobat admits in an interview RTL to. Which picture exactly he of ann had, he does not say. For the “Dancing Star 2022”, however, the 23-year-old is definitely his favorite for this year’s title. “For me, she is definitely the highlight of this year’s season,” reveals reindeer.

Only stirred two weeks ago ann and valentine even brought the jury to tears with her performance. “It was probably the best waltz there has been since the show began,” enthused Motsi Mabuse (42) on the show. “You’ve been world class every night so far. […] You’re so far away and you deliver every week – that’s sensational”even the strict Joachim Llambi (58) admitted.