The rumors about Renee Rapp’s girlfriend have taken the internet by storm.

In 2019, it was speculated that Renee Rapp was a girlfriend of an Italian-American actor and singer, Antonio Cipriano.

On February 12, 2020, Renee posted a photo with her boyfriend on her Instagram account. Antonio also posted on his Instagram account, but unfortunately this was the last photo of them together.

Fans think they may have broken up, but the duo still follow each other on Instagram.

In the 2021 Vouge interview, Renee explained that she is related to her role (Leighton) because the character also seemed strange to her friends when she (Leighton) was younger.

She explained that she is a white and bisexual woman, so in a way her strangeness is very appetizing.

Although so much of the character resembles Rapp because her character has helped Rapp understand her personality

Renee doesn’t think she had a great time relation with her strangeness, but playing Leighton makes Renee feel much more overtly strange because it’s a public part of who she is, and Renee is proud of that.

Who is Renee Rapp and how did she become famous?

The 23-year-old made her Broadway debut as queen bee Regina George in “Mean Girls,” securing her role months after success at the competition known to most as the Jimmy Awards.

Renee belongs to Huntersville in North Carolina and transferred to Northwest School of the Arts in high school.

At the age of 18, she won Best Performance by an Actress at the Jimmy Award in New York City, and from there her career began to take off towards the moon.

However, after a series of appearances at 54 Below and roles in several Broadway musicals, Renee made her debut on Broadway’s Mean Girls the Musical in New York City.

Renee appeared as Regina George in a limited role before it became permanent. She was still on contract when Broadway closed due to Covid-19, but Mean Girls never reopened.

In 2020, Renee traveled from Broadway to Hollywood and quickly became a huge star in her own right after her performance as Leighton Murray in HBO Max’s ‘The S*x Lives of College Girls’ comedy-drama series. She plays the role of Leighton, an affluent and preppy student from New York City.

While speaking to a source about her character, Renee said: “What I love about Leighton is that she is, I think, a very caring person. She cares a lot about her. I think another problem of dealing with it is just pretending everything is cool and pretending everything is fine. But no matter what she’s going through, she’ll always be there for someone when they need it. And I find that very special.”

Renee’s career as a singer

In 2022, Renee released her two episodes named ‘Everything to Everyone’. Four days ago, on February 24, 2023, she released the deluxe version on her YouTube channel.

In an interview with Rolling stonethe famous Broadway star told how she got into music and that her dream was to become a singer like Beyonce.

However, Renee Rap used to cry after watching music awards shows because it was the most amazing night of her life. At the same time, she was overtaken by FOMO and jealousy.

She also stated that “I couldn’t watch it anymore. I was so jealous.”

Renee Rapp performed at the sold out O2 Forum Kentish Town in January 2023 after upgrading her venue three times.
Nearly 1.3 million people follow her TikTok.