Julian Zietlow shows up with his daughter. The former fitness influencer had fled to Thailand for several weeks and caused outrage with his disturbing lifestyle, including drugs and a new girlfriend. Julian seemed to have put his role as a husband and family man on the back burner for this time. But today he surprisingly announced that he was on his way to Dubai to visit his family. Now Julian shared a video with his daughter Liv.

In its Instagram-Story the fitness star’s hand rested on his little daughter’s leg while she curiously stroked the tattoo on his fingers. Liv laughed out loud again and again and emphasized: “It tickles.” At the end of the video, Julian asked the little one: “Do you actually know who Bashar is?” He alluded to the Thai Bashar cult. Liv replied with a no. The influencer then replied: “Then I can tell you something now.”

Only recently, when Julian returned to Germany, he was certain that his children would be proud of him one day. The father of the family showed no remorse or understanding for his behavior. “Later on, my children will say: ‘Dad, that was the bravest thing anyone has done here. And you show us that love travels the world,'” the fitness star opposite RTL blurted out.

Source: celebtap.com